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 WhatsApp red is the best chat app that offers you a new way to send text messages and make free video and voice calls to everyone around the world. It offers you to add people by phone number to start making free calls to phones. It's a light-speed application you can join by your phone number so you download and install and once it finishes you will find yourself on the main page where you can add your country code and phone number then you will be messaged with an OTP number that is consisted from 6 numbers to verify that is you and then you will be logged into the application. The app was developed as an extension for WhatsApp messenger and also to add some features to it to make it beautiful. You can control chat by blocking and reporting spammers and also you can make chat conversations with a lot of people. Download WhatsApp red is a cool thing to try over the original one so you can do more and more by just installing it. The App is available on Windows, phones, and also tablets to connect the whole world and make each one closer to the other.


Features of WhatsApp Red

  1. It's a completely free application that you can download from our website and start using it all the time, it also provides you with the best experience for free without paying any money.
  2. You can enjoy your time chatting with people you love forever messaging and also you will be enjoying it making calls and friends.
  3. Chat with people from all over the world and start making friendships so you can get benefits from them.
  4. You can connect to family and friends from home and free, for example, you can call your brother in another company without worrying about how much does it cost.
  5. the free usage of it made the app really powerful and a lot of users recommend to use instead of the traditional call through a phone number.
  6. Make groups prepare something for family and make group chats for friends to plan for new things coming up and also don't forget your co-worker who you can plan for your next project and organize the day of work.
  7. You can hide your info from anyone and show it to people you want, so decide now to start using the most secure application to send free text messages to phones.
  8. You can Call people in the United States, Canada, and the UK for free and chat all day without any fees.
  9. It works on many different systems like android and iPhone and also you can use it from the web to start using it onto your computer.
  10. Don't worry about naysayers and annoying people so you have the ability to block annoying people and report them to WhatsApp and like I said there are no worries about it and it's a very safe application.

Negatives of WhatsApp red

WhatsApp red is not available on any app market either Google play for android or the app store for apple products so you will have to update it from the direct link we will provide you now.

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Necati Chmez

هو الواتساب الأحمر ممتاز لكن يتأخر تحدث كل مرة ريد كل شهر تنزل نسخه جديد

Necati Chmez

هو الواتساب الأحمر ممتاز لكن يتأخر تحدث كل مرة ريد كل شهر تنزل نسخه جديد

DM bugti


Necati Chmez

لماذا يتأخر تحدث نسخه جديد الواتساب



‪moamen Ragb‬‏

أنا لست روبوت

Ahmed khaali

Mrc 3la tfhem




إذا حملته يطلع اسعار ان التطبيق مصاب لماذل


تم حل المشكلة اليك الاصدار الجديد


السلام عليكم لما أحمله فوني يعطيني تنبيه انه مصاب لماذا هل يوجد مشكلة


تم حل المشكلة يمكنك تنزيل النسخة الحالية

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