Whatsapp Blue Plus APK

WhatsApp blue plus is an application that offers free video calls and free voice calls and chats for free, you can use it every day to chat with family and friends. It's one of the most famous mods for the original WhatsApp that make the app looks good and di its functionality in an easy way. The benefits from WhatsApp blue plus are to use your account with some specifications for you more than the original version so it can provide you with the ability to retrieve messages that have been removed by others. It's also a chatting app that will give you extra additions for you to use for free, like hiding your identity from the public and also you can write statues with 300 words and that's not allowed in the original WhatsApp. Also, provides you with turning videos into Gifs and control your privacy settings like changing your name or bio, and in this article, I will show you how to deal with it and get the best experience. We will explain some of the different techniques about the blue version that has features that aren't included in the original one and I will provide the direct link to download at the end of this.

Features of WhatsApp blue plus

  1. It's a different application you'll discover it once you download and install it.
  2. Gives you better control so you can hide your online statuses the thing that was like a problem to 90% of users but it's available now for free.
  3. You can edit app colors to choose between more than 100 colors and you can also change the font color, backgrounds, and buttons.
  4. Control your privacy at a high level, so you can watch other stories without them know about it in addition to changing the app icon.
  5. You can also hide (typing .. ) statues so that nobody knows that you were going to say something.
  6. Also, make shortcuts of conversations and chats to your phone home screen so you can reach than faster.
  7. Write a Bio consists of 225 letters instead of 130 letters and that is some oxygen to breathe.
  8. Save chats in a zip file and you have the ability to share it with anyone.
  9. Hide photos and videos from the app to control the privacy and you can reach it later once you open the chat that has those media.
  10. Sort Messages by date, name, recently, and choose more than one section.

Properties of blue WhatsApp

WhatsApp blue plus has special properties that differentiate it from the others like you wanna have it on your phone so here it is but with more features to use and try. You can Also Download WhatsApp blue plus Apk for free and it's available on android with 45Mb and a direct link, the only negative thing that you'll face is that the app is now on Google play store so you won't be able to get updates continuously and to update it you have to head over to our website.

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