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WhatsApp Gold is a text-messaging app that can help you to send free text messages to anybody from all over the world. It helps you to send photos and videos, also it provides you with a free service without paying money. You can join WhatsApp blue by your phone number and start using it as a free person alive. the App is made in 2009 and it requires to have a smartphone with a sim card and then you can use it as easily as you want on your phone, computer or tablet. WhatsApp the gold version is a trusted app that is been used by millions of users and it helps everyone to reach a lot of features more than the original Whatsapp. The app is available on many different operating systems like windows, android, and iOS. It's one of the most famous apps on the web and the number of users is growing up every day. You can make video calls, voice calls, and send messages for free. The app cares about your privacy so it can help you to hide your online status, and you can also hide read double marks and prevent people from acknowledging if you read the message or not. these were some of the features that I wanted to show but I have more to talk about in the next section.

Features of WhatsApp Gold

  1. Privacy so you can hide and show " last seen " property that controls status so you can be online without anybody know.
  2. Read mark what you can hide telling the others that you have read the message to prevent them from breaking into your life.
  3. Typing property that shows people that you're typing at the moment also can be hidden by the gold edition of Whatsapp.
  4. Also, you can hide yourself recording audios and videos so if you wanted to delete it without anyone asks why.
  5. You can share stories and describe something and this will appear only for 24 hours in addition to you can watch others' stories without anybody knows.
  6. you can enable retrieving deleted messages back and show what did your friends delete.
  7. Repeat, and this is for WhatsApp update so that it logs out of WhatsApp automatically and goes looking for any updates then it comes back.
  8. Secret chats and this made for you to chat with anyone without showing your info and details.
  9. Developed by Abu Arab and it's an Arab developer that wanted the best for the app.
  10. Prevent it from reaching your images, audios, and video so you can turn this off by using this mod.
  11. Show messages after delegation for everyone by a friend.
  12. Make special groups like a group for family, friends, and groups for work, and add whatever number you want from contacts.
  13. You can save chats by adding them into a zip file and share them with whoever you want.
  14. The app is available on Android, iPhone, and Windows so you can log in at any time.

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