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The number one market to download on-demand applications with a direct link provided in it. Welcome, everybody and today we're going to talk about one of the first applications used to download android apps in apk extension without needing to install it directly from Google play. This store is an important one because it has everything related to the google play store so you can find all apps you want and download them directly from your browser and use it anytime. It's a very strong competitor to the App market because it has some special feature that you have the ability to download any application in a fast way and install it quickly, also you can save the source apk file on your phone so you can use it again. Download the APKPure Market app to get notifies with the latest trending apps and most powerful. It's a very fast downloader so you can get whatever you want for free and in a secure way. It's only 11MB and it's very small related to other apps on the web. You can use it to download your lovely games, apps, and also backgrounds for free in just one easy step. You can reach your destination and save the time of searching for applications and just use it to start fining and reaching your goals.

Features of ApkPure Market App

  1. It has a high-quality search engine to help you find the best results for you and reach what you want very fast.
  2. App Management section is the tool that calls for updates and notifies you of the latest updates to apps on your phone.
  3. You can get and collect rewards from the app and you will find this in the rewards section and rewards gives you some coins related to your activity on their app.
  4. It has the store tool that contains all featured app with high rank and also with apps on-trend.
  5. Also, you will find Your menu called ME and through this, you'll be able to manage your account and control different options.
  6. It has the following system to provide you with a link to all developers and you can follow them to start watching for their updates or new apps.
  7. You can also share posts on the ApkPure app so you can also add your stories from the story poster or the + sign.
  8. You can find many categories so you can choose between different apps and games like sport and entertainment applications.

Negatives of APKPure

It's a strong competitor to Google's Play Store which I recommend to use google product better than this and also it asks to access your apps info and privacy to keep you up to date. It never scans files like play store and android will send you an alert message and warm to tell you that files downloaded from here will harm your device and you will have the choice to keep or discard them. Also, the app is only available on android and not for ios.

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