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It's a free application to watch movies on your phone for easy without paying money or subscribing to any pricing plan. Max Slayer is a famous application that will provide you with the latest movies and Tv Series for free To enjoy your time and kill your free time. The app is used for entertaining and also it's one of the most used applications on the web to offer cinemas for free. You can watch the best movies and the best plays from the past to now and find in the sea of entertainment. With all apps that produced to give you this feature for money like Netflix and Hulu, the Max Slayes app wanted to make it for free for its users and give them the best technique to watch free movies and Series made by their favorite actors. You can browse thousands of different kinds of movies in different countries that you live in to watch their cinemas and choose the best movie to watch and start watching forever for free. The App is made for those people that want to save money that they spend on digital apps that provide shows and more and they wanted to have the same experience on their phone for free.

Features of Max Slayer

  1. Max Salyer is a free movies app that will allow you to browse more than 1000 tv shows for free for you to watch and start to have your time.
  2. You can browse different types of movies like movies talks about sports, or Action Movies for Example, and also Romance and there is a lot to discover by using the app.
  3. The app is provided with all languages like English, Arabic, German, and French, and many more so you will not be facing any problem with this.
  4. You can download it on your android phone and the application works on a high-quality phone like it works on low quality so don't worry if you don't have the best android smartphone.
  5. You can browse the most famous Korean Movies and the greatest movies made in Hollywood and also Choose between comedy and a lot of different sorts.
  6. You can start to chat with anyone watching the same movies that you watch at the same time and become the most effective man on the platform that everybody loves and make friendships for free from different countries and many different cultures.
  7. It also has the best turkey series that's always on trend and you can follow all Turkish series for free and best actors.
  8. You can make the best group of people that shares the same idea as you and try to find a new movie to watch every day.
  9. You can scan for any virus by activating the scan feature.

Negatives of Max Slayer App

The App is only made for android and you can't use it on any different system like iPhone or windows and it also could be wasting your time because it has a free service that everybody wants.

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