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Instagram allows you to make posts of photos and

        videos however sharing them with friends and followers. It is considered one of the Apps that you can download
        and install on a freeway. You can interact with posts on the network by adding comments on pictures of people
        you follow, also you can download Instagram free on every technical device with a smart system. Insta allows you
        to start using its service once you reach 13 years old and if you're younger than this then you won't be able to
        join the community without your parents' permission. It's available in more than 6 languages, the app made by
        colleagues in 2010 located in san Francisco then they sold it to Facebook to start including it with Facebook
        until it has reached more than 1 billion users. You can follow the statics of your posts and see how was your
        post reached, and by using Instagram you'll be able to announce your products in many different ways. It gives
        you a big control to edit and post videos and photos so you can add filters to make any image looks wonderful
        and add animations to videos to make them more motivational.


Features of Instagram

  • It's a free application that lets you join a big community to interact with friends
  •         and celebrities for free and watch the best photos, also it helps you to share and post videos for free and get
            more likes and loves.
  • Share your skills and get the best feedback from people, make a wonderful audience,
  •         and start using it to make marketing for products and items you have.
  • Instagram helps you to start your own brand and start to gain money from people who
  •         follow you and also you can find everything easy with the instructions they provide.
  • It has Instagram " Reels " that is similar to TikTok where you can share action
  •         videos and try to reach more users.
  • Insta helps everybody who is looking for fame and tries to provide you the best
  •         experience.
  • You can send messages on photos and also you can use direct messages to send text
  •         messages to anyone.
  • Connect with influencers and people you love like football players, actors, and
  •         also politicians.
  • It's Available on Android, iPhone, and also Windows so that you can access it every
  •         time every day.
  • To use the app you can go to the play store and look for Instagram then download it
  •         and once you open it after installation you'' be navigated to the main screen where you'll find two options one
            for signing in and the other one for signing up.
  • It's easy to use and share posts so you can use the camera included with the app
  •         and start taking pictures and add filters to beautify them the tap on the post button.
  • Mention anybody you want to show him anything like sharing a photo of a friend and
  •         you want to notify him that was your picture and you can do this by mentioning.

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